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Aviation Challenge Trainees Enjoy Program’s Reopening

Aviation Challenge was temporarily halted in 2020 due to the COVID-pandemic, and the only camps that ran were Space Camp specific programs during that season. As Space Camp welcomed not only a slightly higher capacity of students in summer 2021, it also brought back the Aviation Challenge and U.S. Cyber Camp programs.

Camps across the Space Camp program are full to capacity for summer 2021 and staff welcomed students from the contiguous United States to summer camp programs. Aviation Challenge also got spruced up with some volunteer alumni help, at an alumni volunteer work weekend where alumni helped placed rubber mulch around the aircraft to protect them. In addition to filling the lake with water and servicing the different training elements around the lake, this upgrade around the aircraft helped prepare the facilities for the 2021 season.

At Aviation Challenge, students combine critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership in a five-day aviation themed adventure. This program is known for its outside elements and is a great introduction to learning more about aviation and flight. Current trainees are enjoying the programs’ reopening and glad to have had the opportunity to attend camp this year. We are glad to welcome our newest Space Camp Alumni from the Aviation Challenge program this year!


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