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Experience at Mission Control | Space Camp Alumni

Mission control is an essential part of the mission experience at Space Camp! During your time at Mission Control, you may have had a variety of positions from CAPCOM to Flight Director that help complete a successful mission. Your team may have run in to some anomalies along the way to test your problem solving and teamwork skills!

Check out our video on YouTube sharing some moments inside Mission Control:

We share some of the most beloved parts of the mission experience at Space Camp, as well as a glance at some of the new updates to the experience in recent years! Depending on when you first visited camp, it may look quite different from the early days.

When Space Camp first opened, all of the training equipment was housed in what was called the “bubble” and this was a central meeting place for all camp activities. Over the years at the Huntsville, Alabama facility, the operation grew and there were multiple buildings. In the 1990s, the Mission Training floor was housed in the Main Museum area and featured large shuttle components alongside the simulations that Space Camp is best known for.

As the camp has grown, so have its building spaces and one of the most recognizable is the Habitat, or Hab 1. This uniquely shaped living quarters is where trainees feel like they are housed in a Space Station-esque living space, there is also Hab2 and Hab3 on site as well. Missions are usually completed in the main museum space on the mission training floor, but there are also some mission components in the Astrotrek building which has a familiar bubble shape.

Inside the Astrotrek building, you’ll find the Enterprise shuttle mission setup, with the 5DF, Multi-Axis Trainers, and 1/6th gravity chairs all in one space. This new take on camp is across multiple areas at the facility, but still includes all of the signature fun that Space Camp is known for.

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