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New Exhibit Open – Dare to Explore: Frontiers of Space

Dare to Explore: Frontiers of Space is a new and evolving exhibit showcasing current and future technologies of space exploration, such as a 1/10th scale model of ULA’s Vulcan rocket, Boeing’s Starliner Pressure Capsule test vessel, a 1/10th scale model of NASA’s SLS rocket, Blue Origin’s Mannequin Skywalker, and coming soon, Chris Sembroski’s Inspiration4 SpaceX launch and entry suit.

The Vulcan heavy-lift rocket is manufactured in nearby Decatur, and the pressure vessel is the skeleton of the reusable Crew Space Transportation Starliner module that will take crews to lower-Earth-orbit locations such as the International Space Station.


The Helo Dunker Returns!

The helo dunker is an underwater egress training component that is much loved in the Aviation Challenge community, but had to be removed from our program for a time. We’re […]

Washington, D.C. Space Camp Alumni Chapter Begins Meetups

The Washington, D.C. regional Chapter of Space Camp Alumni has begun meetups! Their first meetup took place in person at a restaurant in Tysons Galleria to establish the chapter. At […]