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Space Camp Alumna Participates in World Space Week

October 4-10, 2019 marked the annual ‘World Space Week’ as designated by the United Nations General Assembly.

World Space Week serves as a time for space enthusiasts to come together to celebrate the achievements made in space exploration and infuse the next generation with the excitement of space! Activities happened across the world for World Space Week and participants were encouraged to share their events using the hashtag #WorldSpaceWeek.

Space Camp alumna and teacher, Jessica Shipley, is the Library Media Specialist at Decatur Middle School in Decatur, Alabama. Her students took part in World Space Week by building “egg landers” and making a vehicle that helped their “eggstranaut” land safely! The activity helped them to think about the different atmospheres on celestrial objects, the physics behind the landers, and what materials would best be suited on their lander.

Principal of Decatur Middle School, Mr. Luke Bergeson, even got in on the fun by helping students with their landers and seeing if his lander could land the “eggstranaut” safely!

Decatur Middle School 2

Students used a variety of materials and each of the landers turned out a bit differently, showcasing the wonderful imagination exercise that STEM activities can provide in the classroom. Ms. Shipley is a graduate of the Honeywell Space Camp for Educators program and gives back to her students everyday at Decatur Middle School by providing enrichments activities. We thank her for the photo submission!

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