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Ashlee Stevenson

Ashlee Stevenson

Board Member

Ashlee Stevenson (née Weeks) is a five-time alumna of Aviation Challenge MACH II, MACH III, and MACH III Elite (2003-2007), recipient of the Right Stuff award, and a former Aviation Challenge Crew Trainer (2010 & 2011). She comes from a long line of barnstormers and pilots stretching back to 1918. She grew up in Marietta, Georgia just a few miles from the Lockheed-Martin F/A-22 assembly line. Watching their daily test flights has led to a lifelong love of aviation.

Ashlee earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a concentration of studies in Digital Marketing and International Affairs. She has a background in digital marketing and customer experience that shifts marketing focus from products to customers in order to drive sustainable brand loyalty.

Currently, Ashlee manages Digital Dealer Training and Brand Compliance programs that drive efficient operations and protect brand integrity for Mercedes-Benz USA. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Dustin and their dogs Beau and Lana.