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Dr. Ernst and Irmgard Stuhlinger

Dr. Ernst and Irmgard Stuhlinger

Educator Scholarship

Dr. Stuhlinger was a member of the Rocket Team that was brought from Germany to Ft. Bliss, TX, after World War II, and then to Huntsville, AL in 1950. Dr. Stuhlinger became chief scientist at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville. He met and married Irmgard during a vacation to Germany in 1950, and she arrived in Huntsville later that year. During their many decades of residence in Huntsville, Ernst and Irmgard often came into contact with teachers and educators at space-related events, and they were always impressed by the teachers' interest and enthusiasm in learning more about the space program. These positive and direct contacts with the teachers would have certainly led to the Stuhlingers' full endorsement and support of this scholarship. Both Ernst and Irmgard came from educator families (Ernst lectured at UAH for some time in the 80s), and both enjoyed many activities related to science and nature. They both pursued a life-long admiration and support for the arts. Ernst passed away in 2008, and Irmgard passed in 2018.

STEAM teachers and educators from all over the world represent an excellent mechanism for understanding and conveying space-related topics to their students. The Stuhlinger family's hope is that the Space Academy experience will allow the educators to pass on their excitement and inspire their students for many years to come.

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