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Kevin Loewe

Kevin Loewe


Kevin Loewe was the most kind and loving partner to his wife Dot, was the best father in the world to his daughters Krystal Bruno (David) and Robin Szajna (Conrad).  His kind-hearted nature, jovial soul and abundant generosity are the traits that made him an amazing person and father. He would do anything for his girls. This included taking them on several adventures that fostered creativity, innovation and exploration. He had a strong passion for learning about space exploration and was constantly sharing facts he learned from his research about space with his family.

Kevin’s passion for space was sparked in 1969 when he and his best friend Ron stayed up late to watch the Apollo 11 moon landing – as he always reminded his kids – on a black and white television. Kevin recently achieved one of his lifelong goals when he ventured to Cape Canaveral to witness the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy.

Kevin’s expertise for innovation was also fueled by his more than 40-year career in mechanical engineering. In his spare time and during his retirement, he loved woodworking, for which he was incredibly talented and often gifted friends his pieces, which are now true treasures. He created designs from scratch and brought complex projects to life like Adirondack chairs, wine servers, a built-in bench, a bed frame, a children’s playset and the overhaul of the family deck.

Kevin's generosity and big-hearted presence will be deeply missed by all who knew him. We hope this scholarship will continue to spark innovation and investment in science and space exploration for kids and kids at heart.

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