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Megan H. Williams, ESQ.

Megan H. Williams, ESQ.


From the start, Megan (1985-2021) chose adventure and doing things differently from others. As a child, when she first learned about space camp, she knew she had to go. She was obsessed with space and the Apollo program, and she dreamed of reaching the stars. Life took her in a different direction to law school, but her passion for space never ended. She always wanted to maintain some level of adventure. After traveling to most of the US, Europe, China, and UAE with her family, she ventured out on her own to Cambodia, Vietnam, Iceland, and other parts of the world. She fearlessly jumped from a plane and swam with sharks. Her life was cut short too quickly from colon cancer at the age of 35 before she could continue her adventures, but her life was lived so that no time on this earth was wasted. As a tribute to her adventurous life and because her childhood dream was to go to space, a portion of her remains will be launched into an Earth Orbit Space flight so that every time those who survive her look up, they will see her in the stars.

In loving memory of her and her love of Space Camp and all things related to space travel, her family has created the Megan H. Williams, Esq Memorial Scholarship so that deserving adventurers who share Megan’s love of space can experience the same thrill that she did all those years ago at Space Camp. The family hopes that her memory will live on in the thoughts of the new adventurers who will push the boundaries of their own lives and carry on her legacy.

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