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Michael Miller

Michael Miller


Michael’s connection to God and the Universe was profound. He learned his love for the universe from his father, a Naval Air pilot in World War II. As a Philosophy major, reporter, and writer, he loved to ask questions and always dug for the deeper meaning of things, no matter the topic. The path of his life seemed to bring these early passions into focus again and again.

One of his greatest adventures was being selected, as a young reporter, to join the Astronauts and Cosmonauts in Russia in 1975, in preparation for the Soyuz Mission. He reported back to excited Americans all he learned about the mission and the wonder of the universe the two countries would soon explore.

But it all came together for Michael, when he took a writing job with AT&T in 1977. He was let loose to talk with the Nobel Prize-winning scientists of Bell Labs…among them, Arno Penzias, who, with James Wilson, discovered the first evidence of the Big Bang.

Penzias, a devoted Jew and believer in God, opened the Cosmos for Michael in a way that informed the man he was and the devout believer he became. For Michael, we were all connected in God’s Great Plan for the astonishing Universe. We were, simply put, just Dust in God’s Wind.

Michael passed away on January 2, 2022. Right to the end, he said he wanted to be an astronaut “when he grew up.” Perhaps now, another child will have that opportunity.

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