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Mr. Peter Marquez
Address Washington, DC

Mr. Peter Marquez

Head of Space Policy, Amazon Web Services

Peter Marquez, a Space Camp alumnus, is a member of the 2020 class of the Space Camp Hall of Fame.  Marquez is the head of space policy at Amazon Web Services where he oversees global space policy activities for Amazon Web Service’s space products and services.

Marquez previously was the Managing Partner of Andart Global, U.S., the Vice President of Global Engagement for Planetary Resources, and the Vice President for Strategy at Orbital Sciences Corporation. He served at the White House for the three administrations. He was the Director for Space Policy for Presidents Bush and Obama and a Senior Advisor to the National Space Council. Marquez was responsible for the development, implementation, and coordination of the U.S. national space policies. Marquez has worked with foreign governments to establish their own space agencies, assist in the writing of their national space policies, and create the interagency processes to execute national space programs.

Before his time at the White House, Marquez served for a decade in the Pentagon on a variety of space and classified programs for the Air Force and Office of the Secretary of Defense. He served in requirements, acquisition, operations, and policy roles and served as the Director of Special Programs for the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy.