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Stanley Geddings

Stanley Geddings


Stanley developed a love for outer space and the stars at a very young age. The unknown always interested him and he would talk to anyone about it that would listen. He was accepted into a college program through his school district at the College Center, for his high school career. This is where he would really start to blossom and would start an astronomy club.

Though the club did not last as long as he would of hope, Stanley’s love for all things space still burned inside of him. After some research and a lot of conversations, Stanley decided he wanted to go to space camp and gain a true understanding of what NASA is. He wanted to be an engineer and design space shuttles.

Unfortunately, Stanley was not able to attend space camp. He left us to go live in the Cosmos March of 2023. This loss shattered our family, but we knew we could not let his death be in vain. In memory of Stanley, we decided to start raising money to give others the chance to do what Stanley so desperately wanted to do, go to space camp. Our goal is to send at least one candidate to space camp a year through fundraisers and donations as long as we are able too with the hopes that it will be a life changing experience for them.

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