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Welcome to Alumni!

Whether you’re a first-generation Space Camp graduate from the 1980s, or a new trainee about to attend one of the many fantastic programs at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center for the first time hoping to “peek under the curtain” – I’m glad you stopped by! is operated by the recently formed Space Camp Alumni Advancement Board as a place for all Space Camp alumni to call home. This site is all about YOU – one of more than 600,000 alumni that have earned their wings since 1982 – and this is a forum for you to reconnect with others whose lives were touched by Space Camp and share your own story of what life has been like “after camp.”   While reconnecting with long lost camp buddies is great in and of itself, the even greater goal of the Space Camp Alumni Advancement Board, and this site, is to reconnect YOU with CAMP. On this site and the several other social media channels where you’ll also find our Space Camp Alumni community, we’ll be providing updates on what’s happening at camp and how your Camp Alumni colleagues are reengaging to help Space Camp, Aviation Challenge, and the new Robotics Camp realize their next renaissance. As a teen, Space Camp was the first time I truly felt like I could do anything, I was going to a place where people talked seriously about having careers flying faster than the speed of sound and leaving Earth for their dreams. Through my own kids, I see Camp leaving the same enduring mark. Together, we will build the community that sees that experience through the eyes of the next generation. Together, we will ensure the future of these programs, increasing access to Camp to our future aviators and space explorers around the globe and deepening the inspiration and connection for those who attend. We are making a commitment to you, as a member of the community, to keep you abreast of opportunities to get involved with Camp, and its related projects, so you can have a role in this growing movement as a Space Camp Alumni volunteer. I hope you’ll consider some form of engagement with the institution that left an indelible thumbprint on all who have passed through its doors. Ad astra per alas fideles! John Ramsey Chair Space Camp Alumni Advancement Board


John Ratnaswamy: “Camp, most of all, has meant fun and joy to the family.”

John Ratnaswamy first attended Space Camp in 1993 (Adult Level I).  He went with two friends, one who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the other a computer […]

Welcome to Oshkosh! 2014

Welcome to EAA Airventure 2014! We’re here! This year the Space Camp Alumni community joined forces with Space Camp, Aviation Challenge, Space Camp Robotics, and the U.S. Space and Rocket […]