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Return to Space Camp

Space Camp week-long programs return in May 2021! Thanks to the success of the Save Space Camp campaign, camp is being readied to open to week-long program students in May 2021.

Space Camp, Aviation Challenge, and U.S. Cyber Camp will come back for summer 2021, with slightly smaller team sizes, social distancing, and COVID-19 mitigation procedures in place. Camp operated at a much reduced capacity in summer 2020, and in summer 2021 will bring back some of the lessons learned for procedures while opening up to a 50% capacity.

Students from across the United States will be delighted to attend this summer and staff is excited to once again be positively impacting future generations of explorers!


Space Camp Alumni Volunteer to Help Prepare for Reopening

Space Camp Alumni held an Alumni Volunteer weekend on April 10th and 11th, 2021 to help support the reopening of Space Camp! Many activities around campus needed to be completed, […]

The Archives

When it comes to science, to exploration, and to space, we tend to look forward. We test our next thesis. We map our next journey. We plan our next mission. […]