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The Archives

When it comes to science, to exploration, and to space, we tend to look forward.

We test our next thesis. We map our next journey. We plan our next mission.

We take one small step forward every single day, but rarely do we pause to think about where we’re stepping from. What mission was accomplished, thesis proven, or journey completed that allowed us to confidently take that next step? What legacy are we a part of?

That’s where the U.S. Space and Rocket Center archives come in. Audrey Glasgow, our manager of collections and curation, works tirelessly to ensure that we preserve our history, so that we can continue to chart our future.

Our archives begin 80 years ago, and run all the way through key pieces of modern space exploration. Audrey’s work only begins with collecting these pivotal pieces of history – the true test is ensuring that they are stored safely for generations to come. Want to learn more about how Audrey protects these cherished artifacts? Click on over to this month’s Explorers Club exclusive video.

So, what exactly do we have in our collection? Well, Audrey’s video tells the full story, but a few of these items include a timer from the German V2 rocket, blueprints that led to the Apollo missions, and even Von Braun’s thesis with his hand-written formulas – possibly the very last copy in existence. (Tune into the video for Von Braun’s notes on what happened with missions – when they went well, and when they didn’t.)

Space exploration will always be fueled by the future. Who we want to be, and who we can become. However, we must be sure to not chase the future at the expense of rooting ourselves in the past. With the lessons of the past, the technology of the present, and the plans of the future, we truly will never stop discovering, learning, and growing.


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