The Future At Space Camp

Stepping into a new era at Space Camp, the new Space Camp Operations Center will house a mission training floor for U.S. Cyber Camp,  an Auditorium space, and ten classrooms. This new space will allow for continued program growth and development.

Mission Stats

The new Space Camp Operations Center will become a hub for Space Camp activities, including check-in, graduations, and classroom space for extended educational areas. The space will also house one of the region's largest auditoriums and meeting spaces.


Auditorium Spaces


New Check-in Areas



New Classroom Spaces


square feet of space

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Expected completion date of the new Space Camp Operations Center is in mid-2023.

In addition to providing a new and diverse space for Space Camp program trainees, the 40,600 square foot building will also house a state of the art meeting center that can be rented out by the public.

Inside the new building will be a new U.S. Cyber Camp Mission Control area, where program attendees will deep dive into their mission completion simulations. The building will also house 10 new classroom spaces, a new check-in area for all Space Camp trainees, and a state of the art Auditorium and meeting space. 

In August 2017, Governor Kay Ivey designated a $10 million economic development grant for Space Camp to build a building to enhance its program and house a new mission area for the U.S. Cyber Camp program. Total building costs are expected to be over $15 million and outfitting the building with state of the art technology is estimated to cost upwards of $2 million. 

Behind the Scenes

See what's inside of the all new Space Camp Operations Center in this fly through rendering!

Estimated Completion Date  2023

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